The core foundation of StarIsis is to provide high quality services to our clients. With decades of hands-on experience, we assist the nation’s transportation agencies in cost-effectively managing their assets through the use of risk management strategies, long term financial planning, and optimizing asset performance by accounting for asset life using data driven decisions. Our innovative approaches help agencies provide transparency in operations and garner support for their transportation initiatives. We train agency executives and staff in the implementation of each of these initiatives through a variety of forums and help promote organizational excellence. We serve numerous state, federal and municipal agencies nationwide in the following areas:

Comprehensive Management of Transportation Assets

StarIsis  helps FHWA and state DOTs navigate the new frontier of transportation performance that incorporates asset management, financial planning, and risk management. StarIsis serves both as a thought leader for FHWA in defining the new era of transportation performance and as a facilitator for State DOTs to incorporate it into state practices. StarIsis wrote for FHWA, foundational documents describing risk management and financial planning, and how they support asset and performance management. StarIsis co-authored these leading-edge reports that are incorporated into National Highway Institute training, FHWA guidance, and in a national enterprise risk management guide. As illustrated in the graphic, asset management, performance, and risk are intricately linked. StarIsis helps FHWA and State DOTs integrate all these management strategies to achieve the nation’s strategic transportation objectives. In addition, StarIsis specializes and directly supports State DOTs with developing their financial plans, conducting risk analysis, and integrating asset management into their planning and programming processes.  It also helps State DOTs with their overall asset management plan development processes.

StarIsis Services
Development of federally compliant Transportation Asset Management Plans
Analysis of assets conditions, system performance and organizational maturity
Analysis of gaps and risks to sustain assets at desirable condition/ performance levels
Lifecycle Planning for long-term management of assets at lowest practicable cost
Financial Planning to support asset management strategies
Facilitating leadership and stakeholder buy-in, and decision-making to support TAM
Streamlining business processes to make TAM the way of doing business
Data warehousing and business intelligence solutions for data-driven decision making
Data analysis, forecasting, and technology solutions to facilitate maturity in TAM
Using analytical tools for risk management and making trade-off decisions
Change and knowledge management
Streamlining processes, technology operations to deliver desired business outcomes
Risk Management-Identification, analysis, prioritization, mitigation, communication and continuous monitoring of risks
Preparation and use of risk registers to monitor and pro-actively manage risks
Performance management to invest strategically and manage asset conditions and system performance to achieve strategic objectives
Preparation of strategic plans and road maps to deliver such plans
Facilitation, workshops, seminars, webinars and training on transportation topics from CEOs to operational personnel
Training, educating, and communicating asset, risk, performance and financial management principles and strategies to internal and external stakeholders
Identification of safety initiatives, data analysis, crash-trend analysis, and deployment of counter measures to reduce fatalities and improve safety
Transportation Asset Management

StarIsis is very active in the area of Transportation Asset Management (TAM). From being at the leading edge of successfully implementing TAM practices at a State DOT, TAM research, and documentation of best practices, StarIsis personnel are involved in many areas of TAM implementation and are assisting state DOTs with their TAM planning and implementation.

Transportation Risk Management

StarIsis routinely assists state DOTs in the identification, analysis, prioritization and mitigation of risks at the enterprise, program, project, and activity levels. This includes preparing risk registers, risk prioritization, and preparation of risk mitigation strategies, including the use of various tools, training, workshops and facilitation in all these areas. This effort enables risk-based prioritization, resource allocation and management.

Financial planning for Asset Management

StarIsis is actively assisting FHWA and state transportation agencies in developing financial plans that support Risk and Performance based Transportation Asset Management Plans.

Performance Management

StarIsis personnel have, for over a decade, been involved in the establishment, measurement, tracking, monitoring and reporting of performance metrics both from within a State DOT and in an advisory capacity. The monitoring of measures was focused on determining the impacts to the DOTs assets and acting upon them.

Data Management and Analytics

StarIsis personnel are recognized experts in the analysis of data and the use of various analytical tools for a variety of transportation and asset management applications. This expertise is underpinned by a solid and successful operational background from within a State DOT.

Transportation Innovations and Dissemination

StarIsis personnel have led the development, testing, dissemination and implementation of several unprecedented and game-changing innovations involving the co-ordination between Railroads and state DOTs on a nationwide scale. These innovations were selected by the Federal Highway Administration under their Every Day Counts 3 initiative in 2014. StarIsis personnel, similarly pioneered several innovations within the Ohio DOT during their term within that agency.

Strategic Planning
StarIsis Corporation

StarIsis personnel are very experienced in preparing enterprise and program level strategic plans, including implementation plans that provide roadmaps for successfully delivering long-term strategic plans. These plans are prepared in a co-operative and interactive manner with stakeholders through the use of various techniques involving, surveys, virtual and in-person facilitated meetings and peer exchanges. They continue to be involved in assisting national and state level agencies in the preparation and implementation of their strategic plans.


StarIsis has extensive experience in conducting training, facilitating meetings and workshops, facilitating peer-exchanges, promoting collaboration and nationwide communication in a variety of forums involving state DOT and national audiences.


StarIsis has extensive experience in the area of transportation safety, particularly through the efficient use of data re-engineering to improve safety, both in an internal transportation agency setting and also at the national level.

StarIsis Corporation
Data and Network Security

StarIsis personnel have extensive experience in the areas of Data Security, Data Integrity, and Data Availability based on direct operational and oversight experience from within a State DOT.

Change Management

StarIsis personnel have been at the forefront of implementing change management within a DOT, which enabled the DOT to significantly improve its performance to achieve “more with less”, improve efficiency, and achieve unprecedented results that contributed to the agency being a frequent state-level Baldrige Award winner.

Other Services

  Business Consulting

StarIsis personnel have over fifty years of combined experience in helping businesses with process improvements. The StarIsis team has been extremely successful in helping businesses and organizations double their outputs while reducing resources through business process streamlining and improvements.
Key areas of focus are:
Analysis of operations, processes and workflow
Recommendations on opportunities for streamlining
Recommendations on changes to facilitate innovation and excellence in business processes
Recommendations on use of Six Sigma where applicable
Business re-structuring to ensure flexibility in meeting changing business and market needs

   Business Continuity

StarIsis personnel bring years of experience in developing, testing and implementing processes to ensure business continuity. The plans will be specific to the type of business and the factors that impact continuity of the business operations.

  Organizational Change

To be successful in a global economy, businesses and organizations have to be prepared for change. Change is received differently by different people and different generations. StarIsis team members have led major changes successfully. They will bring their practical experience and help identify factors in the business that will help and hinder change. The team will also help in deploying key elements to support change and facilitate participation within the organization.

  Decision support

StarIsis will provide recommendations, help with the architecture and/or in developing solutions that help support decision making. Specific areas of Decision Support include:
Business Intelligence: The StarIsis team will study the business goals, analyze the data and information and create a roadmap to integrate data across the organization with the focus on providing business intelligence to the end users to support the business goals. StarIsis will also identify gaps and recommend solutions to bridge the gap. The team will recommend and/or provide strategy and solutions to develop and deploy the road map to provide a practical working solution to the client.
Master Data Management: StarIsis will work with the client to develop master data management strategies that cover consolidation versus federations versus propagation. The strategies will help stakeholders develop a single view of critical data. StarIsis will bring its years of experience in streamlining data sharing across multiple architectures and technologies to provide common reference points.
Executive Data and Performance Management: StarIsis will recommend and/or develop the Performance Management Cycle to help organizations develop and deploy processes required for continuous improvement. As one of the elements of continuous improvement, StarIsis will help develop measures and identify executive data required to monitor, manage and develop innovative processes to facilitate continuous improvement.

  Project Management

StarIsis personnel have decades of experience successfully managing multiple complex megaprojects simultaneously. The team will manage projects from inception to full implementation or assist with the delivery of components of projects to help augment the expertise or resources of a client.

  Technology Consulting

StarIsis will review technologies currently used in organizations and advise and make recommendations on how to take maximum advantage of available technologies. StarIsis will also recommend and help businesses identify and/or select technologies to support their business needs.

Technology Strategy: StarIsis will review the business goals and strategy of an organization and help develop a plan on how to leverage various technologies to successfully accomplish the business goals. The plan will provide a roadmap on phasing out technologies that do not provide value or are non-usable, maximizing productive technologies and a detailed plan on how to phase technologies not used in the organization where applicable. The strategy will also look at the role and impact of Web Presence to the business and recommend appropriate strategies based on applicability.

IT Management: StarIsis personnel have decades of successful IT Management experience. StarIsis will work with Information Technology and Business divisions within any organization to maximize performance and help align IT to support the needs of the business. The team will Identify gaps and help streamline, develop and deploy processes and training required for IT to help business respond quickly to changing needs and foster a relationship augmented by processes that supports innovation and collaboration.

IT Operations: StarIsis will review IT processes and operations and identify good and ineffective practices, identify gaps, provide advice on deploying processes and systems, recommend organizational changes and training and technology needs to help IT manage and run their operations effectively and more efficiently to support enterprise goals and objectives.

Data Architecture and Analysis: StarIsis will review and analyze existing data architecture and make recommendations on changes in data management, processing, storage and use in systems with the goal of long term enterprise data management and use in an organization.

Data Integration and Warehousing: StarIsis will review all sources of enterprise data in the organization and develop a roadmap for data integration. The roadmap will create a plan to combine data from heterogeneous sources to provide a unified single view of relevant data. The team will provide recommendations on technologies and solutions that will speed up the integration process. The team will recommend simple query tools and develop / recommend training to help the organization speed up the migration to using the integrated data warehouse. The team will also recommend processes that need to be in place to automate the update of data into the warehouse. Plans to ensure that new systems developed also integrate data with the warehouse will also be recommended.